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All-in-one Red Best Retractable Dog Leash Ultimate Multi-functional Design

All-in-one Red Best Retractable Dog Leash Ultimate Multi-functional Design

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The Features of Best Retractable Dog Leash: 

1.Prime choice for hiking, traveling and long-distance walking

2.Waste bag dispenser, flashlight, collapsible water bowl and treat container are all included in our design, no more worry about forgetting necessary things.

3.We offer the free first roll of waste bag 

4.Increasing pets’ freedom via 360 degree tangle-free design

5.One-button quick lock-and-release system ensures great convenience for you

6.Chew proof retractable dog leash can be extended to 12ft

No Pull Dog Leash Robust Construction

All of our materials including ABS coating, strong nylon strap and nonrust zinc alloy hook followed US/EU/JP quality standards, guaranteeing consistent control and long-time use.

Light Up Dog Leash Ergonomic Design 

Antislip handle offers comfortable touch and using experience, which can keep moist away from your hands. Stitched reflective line can let you see the movement of your pets clearly even at dark area. Break-and-lock controlled by only one button offers you increased convenience. Your beloved pets will enjoy maximum freedom under the help of 360 degree tangle-free design. 

All-in-One Design of Retractable Dog Leash Heavy Duty

Tired of forgetting necessary tools for pets at home during traveling? Our design can totally solve this problem. Waste bag dispenser, collapsible food grade water bowl and treat container make hiking much easier. High-end flashlight and stitched reflective line added on our design are premium choice for people who want a safe night walking. It’s the only thing you need for hiking with your beloved pets!

-Material: ABS coating, nylon strap, BPA free plastic and non-rust zinc alloy metal parts

-Color: Red

-Powered by 3X AAA batteries (not included)

-Keep retractable dog leashes away from fire and kids under 3 years old.

-Mavric, a professional pet products manufacturer, offers types of dog leashes. We offer 1 year warranty for all of our customers. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to consult with us.


Maximum Tension








3X AAA(not included)





3X AAA(not included)

Benefits of Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable dog leash is a development of normal dog leash, which is portable and can offer increased freedom for pets. So many vets will recommend that as an ideal choice for pets walking. Normal leash always has limited angle. Walking might be the happiest time your pets will enjoy, we all want them to get as much joy as possible. Limited moving angle is definitely not a good choice for pets, which might hurt them because of pulling as well. Most retractable designs offers 360 degree tangle free system that can offer maximum freedom for pets. Also, many retractable designs are multifunctional. You don’t have to go out with your lovely pets with one leash, and one big bag to put poop bag, flashlight, and water bowl any more. Because multiple functions leashes can solve that problem perfectly. All of the tools are built right in to the leash. You don’t have to use an additional bag to bring all the tools you need together. So that’s why we all recommend you to choose a retractable design, which can solve many problems and make walking easier.

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