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Food-Grade Materials Strong Lead Leash for Dog Retractable Ultra Soft

Food-Grade Materials Strong Lead Leash for Dog Retractable Ultra Soft

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USD $22.70
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USD $19.30
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USD $17.03
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$22.70 x 1 = $22.70

The Features of Lead Leash for Dog

1. Suitable for walking, hiking and long distance traveling

2. Easy control without training

3. Smoothly and silently runs in and out

4. Maximum moving tangle for pets: tangle free design

5. Gel-cushioned handle fits your hand well and reduce any possible pain

6. Soft leash for dog is a good choice for any dogs that weight up to 66 lbs / 88 lbs 

Dog Retractable Leash Robust Construction

Choosing Eco-friendly ABS, durable nylon leash and chrome plated snap hook, we produce all designs that are meant to be long time use. Durable core system can cycle in and out at least 30,000 times.

Best No Pull dog leash User-friendly Design

Let dog to be dog is ensured by 360 degree tangle free design. Short-stop single-button braking system achieved fast and reliable respond. A desired length can be adjusted easily without slowing down.

-Material: nylon ribbon with zinc alloy hook

-Color: Pink

-Keep short dog leash away from fire and small kids

-Please do not use our design for any game or play that might hurt you or other animals.

-Mavric, a professional pet products manufacturer, offers dog collars and leashes. 1 year warranty is offered by us. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to contact with us.



Maximum Tension


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Tips of Keeping Your Pet Healthy.

Re-weight your pets regularly-we recommend once a month. That is a important point that has been ignored by many pet parents. Most people do not pay much attention on the weight of their pets. But weight is a great way to evaluate the healthy condition of pets. A major organ disease can be present but show no signs except weight of body. That's why we recommend our customers to pay attention on the weight of their pets especially some elder pets. Small changes (+-4%) can be regarded as normal changes.

We also recommend you to offer your pet a healthy diet and try to keep the weight within a normal range for its' type. If your pet is overweight, then you might need to consult with your vet to get a suitable weight losing plan for your pet, which might be hard to start, but that is really good for your pets. So let's start a healthy life for your pet!

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