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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Round Maze Design Full of Fun

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Round Maze Design Full of Fun

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The Features of Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

1. Better digestion starts with our design  
2. Food grade material, BPA free
3. Bite resistant
4. Easy to use and clean
5. Ant proof pet bowl can be used indoor and outdoor, suitable for both food and water

Healthy Design of Puzzle Dog Bowl

Our food grade ABS material is safe for pets and environment. Slowing the speed of eating can prevent your beloved pets from chocking and avoid pets from being scratched. You can use our design to contain food and water.

-Size: 20.5*4 cm

-Color: Blue

-Material: Eco-friendly plastic

-Intended For: Daily use

-Cleaning Instructions: Wash with hot and soap will be effective

How Do Dogs Learn Training Skills?

We all that what kind of things our pets are excited about, such as toys, food or praise. That's the base of our training. Reward is the key of every training. Every time when our pups did one instruction well, they will get their favorite things from our side. They will soon notice that as long as they did the right instruction, they will get rewarded. For many pups, food is the easiest way to raise their interests, but if your dog is already overweight, you might find some other things better for rewarding, such as toys.
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