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Safe Night Walking Double Dog Leash Retractable Gel-Cushioned Grip

Safe Night Walking Double Dog Leash Retractable Gel-Cushioned Grip

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The Features of Double Dog Leash

1. Zero tangle makes 2 dogs walk with ease and comfort

2. Color-coded buttons to control 2 dogs individually

3. Stitched reflective line makes night walking safer

4. Tangle free design offers maximum design for 2 dogs

5. Features smooth retraction and easy-to-use buttons

6. Dual dog leash allows 2 dogs walking, up to 66 lbs (30 kg) for each

Two Dog Leash Robust Construction

Non-toxic plastic coating with durable core are both hand-picked by our skilled workers. The quality standards follow US/EU/JP requirements. All of our materials are at least 2 times stronger than normal design, which shows our great sincerity to our customers.

Multi Dog Leash User-friendly Design

Zero tangle design makes 2 dogs walking much easier than other designs. No twisted leashes anymore. You can enjoy one-hand free to do other things. Soft-grip handle fits your hand well and can reduce hand strain. You and your dogs will all keep this comfort in mind. Choose us, choose a comfortable way for dog walking!

-Material: woven nylon with zinc alloy metal parts

-Color: Grey

-Keep two dog retractable leash away from fire and small kids

-Please do not use our design for any game or play that might hurt you or other animals.

-Mavric, a professional pet products manufacturer, offers all kinds of ribbon dog collars and leashes 1 year warranty is offered by us. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to contact with us.


Maximum Tension



11 ft

66 lbs per dog

0.94 lbs


3.5 m

30 kg per dog

0.45 kg

20 cm*4 cm*13 cm

One Important Tip for Dogs Walking In Winter

Walking is a very important way for pets to keep health and a good mood. As a responsible dog parent, you could not refuse to walk your dogs even in cold winter.

There is one important tip we advice for dog walking in winter.

Checking the tag and collar before going outside.

The snow can easily cover the scents your pets will use to find their homes. So there are many dogs get lost in winter easily. Losing your precious dogs is upset. We don't want that happen. So do remember to double check the tag on his collar. When he gets lost, some one might call you and give you importance clues to find him back. If you are still anxious for that, when you and your puppy go out for walking, you can wear hime a leash.

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Devan verified 2018-10-18 09:50:00

5 of 5 Stars!

Easier for walking two dogs

So much easier for walking two dogs.

myra verified 2018-10-17 09:10:00

5 of 5 Stars!

Love it

Love this - I have three dogs and this certainly helps keep the tangling down.

Kerri Z. verified 2018-10-10 10:20:00

5 of 5 Stars!

Just a tad bit heavy / bulky but overall I love this product

Use this thing a lot! I have 5 dogs so they are hard to walk and this makes my life so much easier! Does not tangle at all! Just a tad bit heavy / bulky but overall I love this product!

Hero verified 2018-10-07 09:50:00

5 of 5 Stars!

Love it!

Love this leash! It's not perfect and sometimes I have to twist the base myself to untangle but waaay better than juggling two leashes!

Arla verified 2018-10-01 10:10:00

3 of 5 Stars!

it is a very good product.

I have had this product for a while now but I have honestly used it maybe a half dozen times. Overall it is a worthy item and allows your dog to maneuver around with a little more flexibility than regular dog chains.My dogs somehow got the thin lines twisted and for the most part it came undone by twisting it in the right direction. Overall, it is a very good product..

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