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Reflective Waterproof Rope Cord Dog Leash Slip Lead Soft Padded Grip

Reflective Waterproof Rope Cord Dog Leash Slip Lead Soft Padded Grip

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The Features of Cord Dog Leash

1. Good tool for walking, training and climbing

2. Easy to use,durable control

3. Increased freedom for pets: tangle free design

4. Make walking comfortable: soft handle

5. Safe night walking

6. Chew proof dog leash is 1.2 m(4 ft) long

Training Dog Leash Robust Construction

100% thick nylon rope is twice as stronger as other standard designs, which keeps good balance between lightweight and durability. Nickel coated clasp is good looking and can be used in large pet control.

Slip Dog Leash User-friendly Design

Stitched reflective lines can help you to see the movement of your pet clearly, protecting you and your pet well. Perfectly designed length makes controlling easily, your dog can enjoy freedom and you can always stay in control.

-Material: nylon rope with zinc alloy metal parts, eco-friendly rubber

-Color: Green

-Keep reflective dog leash away from fire and small kids

-Controlling your pet under a leash in public places is the duty for every pet parent

-Mavric, a professional pet products manufacturer, offers dog collars and leashes. 1 year warranty is offered by us. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to contact with us.




1.2m (4ft)



Should I Leash My Dog?

In your home, you don't need to leash your pet. Just let him enjoy the sweet and joy at home. A leash is designed for outdoor. Some people do not like their pets to be controlled under leashes even in public places. But now using a leash to control your pet in public is not just an advice, that has been written into the law as well. Government needs to protect every people who live in the same city. A loose dog might cause some unnecessary problems. If your state does not have that law, the city you are living or the community you are walking might already put the notice.Breaking this law might nor be a big deal until you explain why an animal control or police car is sitting in front of your house.
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