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Reliable Sturdy Tactical Dog Harness with Top Handle for Extra Control

Reliable Sturdy Tactical Dog Harness with Top Handle for Extra Control

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The Features of Tactical Dog Harness

1. Great for training strong puller to walk nicely without pulling

2. Sturdy yet soft webbing ensures comfortable touch

3. Reflective lines reflect light from surroundings even in low light

4. Extra handle is suitable for strong puller controlling

5. Light up dog harness comes in multiple sizes 

 Comfort Touch of Dog Lift Harness

Ergonomic design with wide straps cross belly and shoulder leave suitable room for pet, which can keep them secure in our design and give appropriate space for moving.

Safe Design of Working Dog Harness

Some pet parents who are busy with work might choose to walk with dogs at night, which is a good time to strength the relationship between you and your dog. Choosing our design with reflective lines and extra handle for increased safety.

-Color: Black

-Material: breathable material with alloy metal parts

-Take your dog on a hike can make your pet happy especially for some active breeds

-For energetic dogs, we recommend tightening the harness a little bit.





42-52 cm (16.5’’-20.4’’)

38-46 cm (15’’-18’’)


52-64 cm (20.4’’-25.2’’)

46-56 cm (18’’-22’’)


64-84 cm (25.2’’-33’’)

56-70 cm (22’’-27.6’’)


72-94 cm(28.3’’-37’’)

62-78 cm (24.4’’-30.7’’)

How to Take Good Care of My Puppy?

When I got my first puppy, I was really excited. But the puppy was not, he was really anxious when he first came to my home. He began to chew my furniture and relieved almost everywhere. I guess the same thing might happen to you as well. So the first problem we need to solve is releasing puppy’s stress. Otherwise the bad manners will drive you crazy. 2 things can let your puppy calm down quickly, preparing warm big clothes or towels to hug your puppy and then petting your furry friend. Your puppy will feel warm and love, he will feel less stressful.

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