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Unique Purple LED Dog Leash Battery Powered High Visible

Unique Purple LED Dog Leash Battery Powered High Visible

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USD $22.94
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USD $20.24
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$24.99 x 1 = $24.99

The Features of Dog Leash with Light

1. Ultra bright visible from 1/2 mile out to ensure safety at night

2. One size fits all pets up to 150lbs

3. Long lasting power: battery life averages 80-100 hours of continuous use

4. Padded handle could reduce strain on hands during walking

5. Waterproof leash is easy clean

Cool Dog Leash Ultra Comfort

If your dog is strong puller, a comfortable padded handle could make you feel better during a long walk, which will reduce the pain of your hands.

Lead Leashes for Dogs Safe Use

Our design is visible from 1/2 mile out to let cars notice you and your pets in advance. That could ensure your safety at night. Also, our design could let you see the movement of your dogs in dark area to prevent your dog moving around and hurting himself.

-Material: EVA+TPU

-Color: Purple

-Maximum Strength: 150 lbs


How to Keep Your Dog's Eyes Healthy?

We all know that clean your dog’s eyes sometimes is necessary. But there is one thing you need to notice. You need to protect your dog’s eyes during bathing time, we know how to protect our eyes during bathing, but our pets don’t. And obviously most pets struggle at bathing, which means they will try to escape. You need to be carefully because some soaps and shampoos could cause irritation or make your dog feel painful when get into their eyes. Try to choose a gentle shampoos that would be safe for dogs and try to keep their eyes away from getting into soaps.

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