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High Visibility Insulated Flashing Dog Collar LED Comfortable

High Visibility Insulated Flashing Dog Collar LED Comfortable

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USD $7.49
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The Features of Flashing Dog Collar 

1. High visibility collar with bright LED

2. USB Charging Point (Cable Included)

3. Good look and durability

4. “Snap-lock" tuff buckle for quick option

5. Light up dog collar works for all weather conditions

LED Dog Collar Safe Night Walking

Glowing in dark LED allows your dog’s personality to shine, no matter in daytime or night, you can track your pet with high visibility. 

-Material: eco-friendly plastic

-Color: Green

-Length: 50 cm(20 inch)

-Keep dog collar light away from fire and small kids

-One size fits all, but do not cut too much at one time

-Mavric, a professional online pet store, offers best led dog collars. 1 year warranty is offered by us. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to contact with us.

Stay Safe Around Dogs

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For family who just has baby or a dog, how to get along with pets in a good family way will be a problem. Dogs can protect the children from accidents and your kid can also teach other children how to treat your furry friend in a right way.

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