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100% Handmade Natural Cotton Dog Rope Toys Cute Carrot Design for Puppy

100% Handmade Natural Cotton Dog Rope Toys Cute Carrot Design for Puppy

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The Advantage of Puppy Chew Toys

1. Made from natural cotton, braided tightly for durable use
Suitable for small and medium dogs to keep dental health and reduce boredom
Adorable carrot shape, charming for dogs to play
Portable size easy for your small pets to carry and play around room
Bright color, easy to be noticed in outdoor playing

Enjoy the Fun of Play with Durable Dog Toys

Dogs need toys from young to old. For young puppy, using toys is main to increase their curiosity and clean their teeth. As their mouths are sensitive, they might require soft material that will not hurt them. Produced by 100% cotton, our design is 100% safe, no smell and non-toxic. Braided tightly ropes ensure durability during playing and portable size is easy for puppy to carry. Bright color and interesting carrot shape would definitely make your furry friends happy.

-Material: 100% natural cotton

-Length: 22cm

- No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

-Mavricflex offers all kinds of cat toys including dog teeth ball, we offer 1 year warranty for all products in our store, if you have any question, please feel free to contact with us.

How to Keep Dog Happy in an Apartment?

Dogs can be happy in small apartment as well. Some breeds thrive better in small places and that's nothing about sizes. Even your dog is big, he can live well in small place as well. But if your dogs are active breeds and vet recommends you to live in bigger place, then you'd better follow their advice. But if your dog doesn't care small place, you need to upgrade some parts of your apartment to make them feel better and happier as well. For example, adding dog door to your home, let your dog go out freely when you are not at home. Give your dog a GPS collar if your dog goes out to have fun. Try to make some friends who have pets as well in the same units, when you are not at home, they can take care of your pets for a while and your pets will be happy to play with new friends.

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