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Electric Rechargeable Flashing Dog Collar Glow in Dark Insulated

Electric Rechargeable Flashing Dog Collar Glow in Dark Insulated

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USD $8.49
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USD $7.49
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$9.99 x 1 = $9.99

The Features of Flashing Dog Collar 

1. Keep your pet visible in dark area

2. USB Charging Point (Cable Included): no batteries required

3. Waterproof and weatherproof

4. Ultra bright LED 

5. Light up dog collar works for all weather conditions

LED Dog Collar Safe Night Walking

The definition of fashion and function, our design is an original work of art created by the talented team of designers who are all pet lovers as well, all materials are picked by hand and under strict quality control. Bright LED helps you and your pet walk safely at night and any weather condition.

-Material: eco-friendly plastic

-Color: Purple

-Length: 50 cm(20 inch)

-Keep dog collar light away from fire and small kids

-One size fits all, but do not cut too much at one time

-Mavric, a professional online pet store, offers best led dog collars. 1 year warranty is offered by us. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to contact with us.

Stay Safe Around Dogs

It's very happy for a pet lover that a growing number of people pay much attention on pets and love pets from heart. But there are still parts of people who do not like dogs, because they think dogs are too aggressive and might hurt them when dogs are fighting. Actually they don't know how to get along with dogs. It's not a shame. But learning some tips about pet safety can help many people to get rid of pet fear and they will know how to get along with dogs. If 2 or more dogs are fighting, never get between them and keep your hands away from their heads. Because that is not a good moment to touch them to let them calm down. Their owners will control them. If they do not have owners, just walk away, let people with more experience to handle that thing.
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