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Elastic Reflective Bungee Dog Leash Lightweight Nylon Strap

Elastic Reflective Bungee Dog Leash Lightweight Nylon Strap

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The Features of Dog Rope Leash

1. Suitable for daily and night walking

2. High quality bungee offers gentle remind for pets

3. Heavy duty metal clasp: 360 degree rotation and tangle free

4. Comfortable in hand: padded and breathable handle

5. Reflective line makes night walking safer

6. Lightweight dog leash is suitable for any breeds of pets

Dog Bungee Leash Robust Construction

High quality nylon strap with swivel clasp offers great control for you, even large and medium dog can be well directed under the help of our design.

Elastic Dog Leash User-friendly Design

Elastic strap with certain flexibility can protect you and your furry friend well, which can remind dog gently when he runs too far (over the maximum length of leash)from you. Swivel hook offers increase for pets to roam around.

-Material: nylon rope with zinc alloy metal parts, eco-friendly rubber

-Color: Black

-Keep lighted dog leash away from fire and small kids

-Please do not use our design to wrap you or your pet around

-Mavric, a professional pet products manufacturer, offers dog collars and leashes. 1 year warranty is offered by us. If you have any question about pets or products, please feel free to contact with us.




1.2m (4ft)



Walking with Your Dog

Some tips you need to know before walking:

 Consult your vet before arranging any new exercise activity for your puppy. A healthy body is the basic of exercise plan. 

Walk with your dog under controlled by leash, if he has any behavior problem, take him to vet first instead of continuing walking. 

A long distance walk is not suitable for beginner, try to begin with short, frequent walks, pets are allowed to stop for resting from time to time if necessary.

If your pet wants to go home, try to direct him to a somewhere he never visits before, which can increase his interest for walking.

Walking is an activity to let your dog enjoy his personal time, so let your dog roam around freely without too much control.

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