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TRP Durable Material Dog Toy Squeak Bone Shape with Massage Beads

TRP Durable Material Dog Toy Squeak Bone Shape with Massage Beads

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USD $5.99
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The Advantage of Fetch Dog Toy

1. Good choice for fetch game
Long lasting advanced TPR material suitable for aggressive chewers
Raised massage beads can release stress of mussel
Ergonomic raised patterns on surface add more during chewing and help dog clean teeth
Smooth material, easy clean

Enjoy the Fun of Play with Best Dog Toy

Chewing is a natural activity for dogs, which can keep them busy for hours and release their stress. Getting our design to play fetch and chew with your pets would be a good decision. Advanced strong TRP material is super durable and flexible. That brings fun for the most aggressive dogs. Raised massage beads and patterns can clean your pets’ teeth deeply and add more fun for chewing. As the upgraded material is antimicrobic, you can clean that with ease and your pet can always enjoy joy with such a safe and clean toy.

-Material: Advanced TRP

- No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

-Mavricflex offers all kinds of dog toys including interactive dog toy, we offer 1 year warranty for all products in our store, if you have any question, please feel free to contact with us.

How to Keep Dog Happy in an Apartment?

All pet parents want their pets to be happy. But dogs are active animals and if they don’t get accompany, they might be upset. But there is a way that can make that situation easier if you have to leave your dog when you go to work, which is making a regular routine. Dogs are animals of habit, we all know that. Because you always need to spend time on doing the same practice with your dog to let him learn a new skill or something. So keeping a regular routine is very important. Your dog will know during 8am to 6pm, you will not be home with him, but you will show up around 7pm and play with him, which is a hope for them if they have to stay alone. It could be hard at beginning, but after some time, your dog will get used to it and try to find some fun for himself.

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