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Detachable Elevated Double Dog Bowl Dinner Table Easy Clean

Detachable Elevated Double Dog Bowl Dinner Table Easy Clean

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The Features of Double Dog Bowl

1. Material recommended by vets, safe for pets  
2. Removable rubber base prevents spills
3. Double bowls designed for food and water 
4. Your pets don’t have to bend down so far to eat or drink
5. Dog bowl set can be cleaned up easily with hot soapy water

Healthy Desigof No Spill Dog Bowl

Bending for food would add much pressure for your beloved pets, which is not good for their physical health. Our elevated design offers a comfortable way for your pet while eating. The rim will hold scattered food nicely, which is ideal for untidy eater.

-Size: 38*25*7.5cm

-Color: Green

-Material: Eco-friendly plastic

-Intended For: Daily use

-Cleaning Instructions: Wash with hot and soap will be effective

How to Take Care of My Dog?

Food is important for your pets. The healthier your pup eats, the less chance will he get sick. But how do we know what kind of food is good? Actually, you have different choices. If you want to pick normal food for pets, you need to check whether the food passed AAFCO or not. If you want to cook food for your pups, you can check some recipes offered by Japanese pet dieticians, they are professional and the recipes they offered are balanced and healthy. Also, some parents like to feed fresh food directly. That’s ok as well. But you need to pay attention to parasite and bacterial.

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