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Choke Free Lighted Mesh Dog Harness with Leash for Better Control

Choke Free Lighted Mesh Dog Harness with Leash for Better Control

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1 - 5pcs
USD $10.99
6 - 49pcs
USD $9.34
≥ 50pcs
USD $8.24
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$10.99 x 1 = $10.99

The Features of Mesh Dog Harness

1. An ideal design to protect your pups and make them even lovelier

2. Breathable mesh to keep dog cool all the time

3. Reflective design to make night walking safer

4. A free leading leash is offered by us

5. Comfortable dog harness comes in multiple sizes 

Comfort Touch of Reflective Dog Vest Harness

Wide chest shell with mesh lining offers wide range soft touch and reduce leading pressure for pup. If your dog is fearful or anxious about leading walking, our design could help a lot.

Safe Design of Cute Dog Harness

Wide range shell and straps are just like a cloth to protect your pup well. Sewn-in reflective line bright dark area and make your pup easy to be noticed.

-Color: Red

-Material: breathable material with alloy metal parts

-Make Your Training Sessions Shorter is a good way to release pet's stress

-For energetic dogs, we recommend tightening the harness a little bit.



Leash Width


26 cm(10.2’’)

1.5 cm(0.6’’)


36 cm(14.2’’)

1.5 cm(0.6’’)


40 cm(15.7’’)

1.5 cm(0.6’’)


46 cm(18.1’’)

1.5 cm(0.6’’)


55 cm(21.7’’)

1.5 cm(0.6’’)

An Important Dog Skill

Dogs give our unconditional love and spend all their lives to make us happy. Dog skill training is not just to make your life easier, but also can make pup's life happier. Setting a routine for your dog is very important. Feeding your dog at the same time each time and take him to walk or play regularly. So your pup will know what he probably will do and he will have less time to feel lonely or have nothing to do. And he will not ask for food at wrong time, because he know he will get nothing but ignorance from your side. Successful training requires consistency, no matter how hard that might be, don't quit.

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