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Adjustable Tactical Dog Harness with Quick Release Buckle

Adjustable Tactical Dog Harness with Quick Release Buckle

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USD $14.99
6 - 49pcs
USD $12.74
≥ 50pcs
USD $11.24
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$14.99 x 1 = $14.99

The Features of Tactical Dog Harness

1. An ideal choice for service dog

2. Rustic construction, consistent use

3. Extra handle, extra control

4. Easy clean, easy to wear

5. Light up dog harness comes in multiple sizes

Comfort Touch of Dog Lift Harness

Every pet deserves a comfortable lead for daily walking. Breathable coating with padded lining can let your dog enjoy walking freely.

Safe Design of Working Dog Harness

Extra handle offers extra control for strong puller. Durable oxford fabric with strong metal parts promise the premium quality.

-Color: Pink

-Material: breathable material with alloy metal parts

-Take your dog on a hike can make your pet happy especially for some active breeds

-For energetic dogs, we recommend tightening the harness a little bit.





42-52 cm (16.5’’-20.4’’)

38-46 cm (15’’-18’’)


52-64 cm (20.4’’-25.2’’)

46-56 cm (18’’-22’’)


64-84 cm (25.2’’-33’’)

56-70 cm (22’’-27.6’’)


72-94 cm(28.3’’-37’’)

62-78 cm (24.4’’-30.7’’)

How to Take Good Care of My Puppy?

There is one thing that many people will not think about it or refuse to think about it, which is spaying and neutering. Some people think pets also have the right to have their own babies, while others know that spaying and neutering can benefit pets’ health. We don’t judge which is right there. But we need to notice that the best time for neutering is around 6 months old. If you already decide neuter your male dog, you need to arrange that in advance. For people who don’t agree with that, we recommend you to watch your pup’s health carefully especially for senior dogs. We respect all your choices, the only thing we hope is that all pets can be taken good care of.

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