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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Fun Puzzle Design Improving Digestion

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Fun Puzzle Design Improving Digestion

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The Features of Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

1. Designed for fun and healthy eating  
2. Prevent chocking, regurgitation and obesity
3. Non-slip base for stability
4. Bite resistant 
5. Ant proof pet bowl can be used indoor and outdoor, suitable for both food and water

Healthy Design of Puzzle Dog Bowl

Our design is suitable for daily use to slow down the speed of eating. A rubbery base to prevent the bowl from sliding or moving around on the floor while your pet is eating, which is dishwasher safe and are rust and bacteria resistant.

-Size: 20.5*4 cm

-Color: Pink

-Material: Eco-friendly plastic

-Intended For: Daily use

-Cleaning Instructions: Wash with hot and soap will be effective

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