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Magnetic Closure Large Pet Door Energy Efficiency Aluminum Silver Silent Action

Magnetic Closure Large Pet Door Energy Efficiency Aluminum Silver Silent Action

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1 - 5pcs
USD $124.99
6 - 49pcs
USD $106.24
≥ 50pcs
USD $93.74
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$124.99 x 1 = $124.99

The Features of Large Pet Door

1.       Basically fits all breeds of dogs and cats up to 100 lbs

2.       Suitable for interior and exterior doors and windows up to 2’’

3.       Transparent flap with magnetic closure

4.       Easy installation even for the most “non-handy” person

5.       Dustproof, waterproof, weatherproof

6.       Closing panel included

7.       Please fill in the detailed information when purchasing the goods so that you can receive the goods as soon as possible

Robust Construction of Best Pet Door

Prime aluminum frame with yellowing-resistant flap guarantees great security for home. All of our materials are tested by US and EU quality standards. Freedom for pets, safety for home.

User-friendly Design of XL Dog Door

Weatherproof function is achieved by magnetic closure and UV resistant flap. A closing panel is included in our product, which can not only double protect the security of home but also reduce heat transfer in rough weather. Our lightweight flap can be used by cats as well, if you have multiple pets, then our design will be a good choice for you.

Material: Aluminum frame with polyurethane flap

Color: Silver


Easy to clean secure dog door with a damp cloth

Screws included

WARNING: Little babies can pass through the door

Mavric, a professional manufacturer of doors for dogs, offers 2 year warranty, any question please contact with us freely.

Frame Dimensions

Flap Opening

Pet Size

Thickness of Doors/Windows



up to 100 lbs

up to 2’’

51.6 cm*36.4 cm

43 cm*28 cm

up to 45 kg

up to 5 cm

Why you need a dog door?

Freedom for you

Have you been interrupted by your lovely pets for outdoor playing when you are working at home? Sometimes you prefer to stay at home, but your pets tend to like outdoor activity. Installing a door for pets will give your freedom back. They can go out for fun without disturb you. And you can focus on something important.

Health for pets

Pets are active animals, they need go out for exercising from time to time, which is good for their health. Staying at home for a long time will make pets feel anxious. That will cause the behavior problem. Installing a screen dog door in your home, you could offer more freedom for your pets to go out and enjoy the outdoor smell, sounds and sights that can make your pets happier.

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